Author name: Taylor Krippner

I used to be a gymnast, at Auburn University. Now I work as a Registered Dietitian. My passion lies in helping people optimize their health and performance through nutrition. I was. Raised in Houston, TX and my journey in gymnastics started when I was three years old. Fast forward fourteen years I had the opportunity to compete as a gymnast for Auburn University in the SEC (War Eagle!). When it comes to nutrition my approach is about being realistic customizable and sustainable. I don't believe in creating generic diet plans. Every client is unique in their set of needs, goals, schedules, and preferences. That's why I prioritize crafting plans that are both achievable and tailored specifically for you. My areas of expertise include sports nutrition, muscle/weight gain strategies, fat loss techniques building a relationship, with food, and improving body image. As a gymnast myself I faced challenges when it came to fueling my body through nutrition. However, as I grew older and aimed for goals, I realized the impact that nutrition can have on both performance and overall well-being. After earning my degree from Auburn University, I pursued education at Texas Woman’s University where I completed my Master's degree in Nutrition. After finishing a 1200-hour internship and successfully passing the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) credentialing exam I made the decision to merge my love, for gymnastics and nutrition. This led me to establish my practice with a primary focus on assisting individuals, in achieving their peak health and performance goals.

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