Author name: Shelly Rael

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN). Shelley A. Rael, a Senior Instructional Designer has been a Nutrition Expert and a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), for, over 20 years. Her work primarily focuses on promoting health reducing disease risks and enhancing wellness. I have been a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) since 1999 holding a license, as a Dietitian (LD) in the State of New Mexico. My educational background includes a bachelor's degree in Nutrition Dietetics from the University of New Mexico in 1997 followed by a Master's degree in Nutrition in 2000. Since 2012 I have been working part-time as faculty at Central New Mexico Community College specifically teaching nutrition within the School of Math Science and Engineering. In addition to my roles, I have also served as a Consultant for Global Nutrition Services LLC in Albuquerque, NM since July 2019. As a member of organizations such as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics the New Mexico Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (NM AND) and various dietetic practice groups including Dietitians in Business and Communications (DPC DPG) Nutrition Entrepreneurs (NE DPG) Cardiovascular Health and Well Being (formerly SCAN DPG) Sports and Human Performance (formerly SCAN DPG) Weight Management (WM DPG) I have held various leadership positions. For instance, I served as president of NM AND from 2004 to 2005. Chaired NE DPG from 2011 to 2012. Currently, I am also serving as a Delegate to the House of Delegates for NE DPG. Outside my affiliations, I am a participant in where I hold lifetime membership with #FemCityGlobal status. Additionally, I serve on the board for FemCity Albuquerque. Are you tired of feeling drained and exhausted, before reaching midday? Do you long for a body that feels invigorated of life? Prepared to conquer any challenge that may come your way? Look no further because I'm here to accompany you on a journey, towards revitalizing yourself! You have the power to cultivate eating and lifestyle habits that will enhance your energy levels. Just imagine waking up every morning with a bounce in your step energized and ready to seize the day. It's not just an aspiration; it's a reality. Bid farewell to the anxiety surrounding food once and for all! I understand how daunting it can be to navigate the realm of nutrition and well-being. That's why, as a certified dietitian nutritionist I'm here to dispel myths and equip you with knowledge and support so you can achieve a body – without resorting to diets or deprivation. Together we'll embark on a personalized transformation journey tailored specifically to your preferences and lifestyle. With my guidance, we'll explore your food choices and how regular physical activity can harmonize with your goals. You deserve to feel incredible in your skin. We'll ensure that every step of our journey is devoid of guilt or shame. But don't just take my word for it – let's hear what my clients have to say. They have experienced the benefits of our approach. Their stories are a testament, to the power of our methods. The newfound energy and overall well-being they have achieved speak volumes about the potential that lies within each individual. So, are you ready to unleash your energy? Don't hesitate any longer to take charge of your vitality. Together we will pave the way towards a more energized version of yourself. Enhanced Health Health forms the foundation of a fulfilling life. While there may be diagnoses or conditions beyond our control, we can actively manage their symptoms. Even reduce the risk of diagnoses through proper nutrition. Whether dealing with high blood pressure high cholesterol or elevated glucose levels our approach prioritizes harnessing the potential of food and overall nutrition to optimize your health journey. Elevated Wellbeing Well-being surpasses simply being free from illness – it involves pursuing a state of wellness. We understand that your goals for well-being are unique, to you and we are here to guide you along your path towards becoming a version of yourself. Our approach, to wellness encompasses strategies, including fueling techniques that can improve your fitness and help you resist cravings for unhealthy foods. We are here to support you in maintaining your well-being during different stages of life. It's essential to prioritize wellness without waiting for specific health issues to arise; all prevention is the form of medicine! Boosting Energy Do you often find yourself feeling exhausted and lacking the energy needed to tackle your tasks? Fatigue and low energy levels can significantly impact our quality of life. Worry not! We are here to assist you in rejuvenating your energy levels and unlocking your potential. By making adjustments to the timing, type and quantity of food you consume (yes, food!) you will experience changes within a few days. Say goodbye to fatigue. Hello to a renewed enthusiasm for life! Managing Weight Whether your goal is gaining weight maintaining it or shedding some pounds our comprehensive weight management approach is tailored with your success, in mind. We believe in fostering awareness and making choices that align with achieving your desired weight. It's important to remember that weight management is not a one-time endeavor; rather it's a journey requiring dedication. Rest assured our approach is not focused on depriving you or enforcing diets that only yield results. Instead, we prioritize adjustments. Encourage patience, for long-term success. If you're ready to adopt a plan and let go of the mindset of dieting we're here to provide support throughout your journey. Are you prepared to embark on a path toward health, wellness, and energy? The ability to unlock your potential is within your grasp. Arrange a 30-minute call with us and together we can create a personalized roadmap that empowers you to take charge of your well-being. It's time to embrace a future where vitality and fulfillment are your companions. Get ready to experience the essence of living a fulfilling life – one that cherishes your health and fuels your energy. Empowers you on your quest, for lasting well-being.

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