Author name: Ilisa Nussbaum

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Meet Ilisa Nussbaum, a trusted specialist, in nutrition. Ilisa, the owner of IN Nutrition is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist certified by the state of Connecticut. She is dedicated to creating healthy eating plans for children of all ages. Her journey into the world of nutrition began in 2008 when she decided to pursue her passion after working in television and marketing. Since then, she has been actively involved in teaching cooking and nutrition to preschoolers and youth sports teams with a focus on kids with needs. Currently, Ilisa works as a valued specialist in the Dietetic Internship Program at Yale New Haven Children's Hospital. Her expertise lies in nutrition, where she plays a role in coordinating the Ketogenic Diet Clinic. Ilisa Nussbaum holds an MPH (Master of Public Health) degree. Is a registered dietitian certified by the state of Connecticut? She proudly serves at Yale Children's Hospital specializing in Pediatric Nutrition while also overseeing operations at the Ketogenic Diet Clinic. With training through Yale New Haven Hospitals Dietetic Internship program, Ilisa is not only passionate about her profession but also a loving mother to two hockey players and one little ballerina. Before embarking on her career, as a nutritionist Ilisa enjoyed working in television and marketing. Eventually realized her true calling lay in helping others through nutrition. Since then, she has been quite occupied with teaching cooking and nutrition to children who have needs. She has been conducting these classes not at preschools but, for youth sports teams. If you're interested in nutrition education, we offer hands-on projects that provide knowledge. Our services are flexible. Can be conducted at your school, home, or even within your youth group. Here are some of the lessons we teach; Turning Apples into Applesauce Creating an Energy Mix Crafting Delicious Smoothies Enhancing Your Breakfast Choices Building a Well-Balanced Plate Exploring the World of Whole Wheat Pizzas Trying Out Veggie Sushi These lessons are a glimpse of what we offer; there are numerous other exciting nutrition topics available as well. We also extend our services to parents seeking nutrition guidance for their children. Whether it's weight management, athletic nutrition, or specific dietary requirements due to a condition our one-on-one counseling sessions can assist you. We'll address your questions. Ensure your child is on the track toward good health. To begin this journey towards health we start with a one-hour interview and introduction session. To maintain progress, we provide 30-minute follow-up consultations either in person over the phone or, through Skype.

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