Author name: Nicole Ciuppa

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Let me introduce you to Nicole Ciuppa, MS, RDN. I appreciate your interest in getting to know your dietitian. Nicole has a Master's degree in Human Nutrition and is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. She has also received a certification in food allergy management from EatRight. With her experience and knowledge, she combines the science of nutrition with her understanding of managing multiple anaphylactic food allergies to guide all her clients toward achieving their wellness goals. Growing up in a household I was immersed in the world of food from a very young age. Our family cherished the tradition of preparing meals from scratch. Spent quality time together in the kitchen strengthening our bonds. However, at the tender age of two, my life took a turn when I was diagnosed with anaphylactic food allergies after experiencing frightening reactions. This autoimmune disease became central to my relationship with food. In response, my family adapted our recipes to ensure my safety while preserving their delicious taste and flavor. Since then, I have become an expert at reading nutrition labels advocating for myself confidently and during my college years nurturing my curiosity, as a nutrition student to learn more. Despite never consuming dairy products, eggs, peanuts, or tree nuts. Among foods. I am thriving and maintain optimal nourishment as confirmed by perfect lab results. Welcome to Nutritionally Nicole, created by Nicole Ciuppa, MS, RDN. As a registered dietitian I'm thrilled to assist others in achieving nutrition while still savoring meals even with anaphylactic food allergies and other health conditions. Nutritionally Nicole is here to guide individuals and their families through the intricacies of nutrition when dealing with a food allergy diagnosis. We focus on habit changes. Creating a personalized nutritious lifestyle that suits you. Receiving a food allergy diagnosis can be overwhelming, upsetting, and confusing. Living with food allergies presents challenges such, as cross contamination concerns, managing medications navigating gatherings involving food dealing with fears related to specific foods, and experiencing anxiety around eating situations. Often overlooked is the importance of ensuring nutrition throughout all stages of life. Trying to adapt to your normal may leave you with questions. Let me guide you through the "food" aspect of living with food allergies—the nutrition aspect. Through personalized coaching sessions, we will explore your queries together problem solve any challenges that arise along the way, and boost your confidence in leading a nutritious lifestyle while managing your allergies. Each coaching session builds upon the one to empower you on your journey, towards health.

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