Author name: Melissa Mathes

Melissa is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), with a Certified Specialty in Sports Dietetics/Nutrition (CSSD). With a Master's degree in health (MPH) she is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their goals while considering their health. Melissa has been practicing as an RDN for over 20 years. Decided to establish her practice, Total Nutrition Counseling (TNC) to ensure top-notch care with a collaborative approach based on scientific evidence. Melissa firmly believes that science forms the foundation. Acknowledges the uniqueness of each individual’s body. She emphasizes the importance of incorporating " foods, for therapy and using food as a means to promote therapeutic health benefits and enhance athletic performance. Her sports nutrition motto embodies the principles of training eating healthily improving performance and ultimately feeling good. If you're looking to; • Take charge of your sports performance and optimize it through nutrition • Achieve your goals improve your health and reach peak performance • Shape your body composition to align with your athletic objectives and overall, well being • Understand the significance of sports nutrition, in enhancing performance reducing the risk of injuries, and promoting recovery from injuries • Clear up the confusion caused by misinformation found online or in fitness facilities Then you can benefit from; • Medical Nutrition Therapy; Personalized guidance from a registered nutritionist who will help you meet your nutritional and health goals. This includes addressing needs such as weight loss and management of dietary/lifestyle changes (such as veganism) cardiovascular health and hypertension. And • Sports Nutrition Counseling; Enhance your performance build muscle mass reduce body fat using a customized meal plan and sports-specific nutrition strategies for hydration and fueling. Melissa tailors the meal plan based on your goals, training phase, sports requirements, and overall health. All sports nutrition counseling sessions include an incorporation of Medical Nutrition Therapy to comprehensively evaluate both demands for your sport as well, as overall health considerations. Together you and Melissa will collaborate as a team to achieve your health and athletic aspirations.

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