Author name: Kristen Bunich

Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. Hey there! I'm Kristen Bunich, a registered dietitian based in Charlotte, NC. My passion lies in helping people reconnect with their body's signals of hunger, fullness, and weight management. This approach is incredibly valuable, for everyone, those who're tired of the ups and downs of dieting and want to embrace a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle. With my background in science and degrees in Nutrition (both Bachelor's and Master's) I bring a foundation to my practice. As a registered and licensed dietitian specializing in exercise physiology, I also hold the title of Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. Throughout my career, I've primarily focused on critical care nutrition where I've witnessed firsthand the significant role nutrition plays during times of trauma. As someone who loves science, it's truly fascinating to observe how nutrition impacts our well-being. Over time I've developed an appreciation for eating practices along with meditation. The concept of eating is supported by peer-reviewed studies that highlight its effectiveness. After delving into the research that demonstrates how breaking free from eating patterns can not only benefit clients mentally but also improve their overall health, I was convinced that this was the path for me. It's not about eliminating negatives; it's, about creating transformations. I'm really passionate, about sharing these practices that can help others achieve a life. In my work I rely on proven tools, my extensive clinical experience, and education to apply the principles of eating. It's a combination of embracing knowledge and being attuned to our own bodies. Diets often have an appeal. It's so tempting to get caught up in the promise of a fix through the fad diet or by looking at impressive before and, after photos of someone who miraculously shed pounds. However, studies have shown that these approaches are not sustainable and can actually harm both your metabolism and your mental well-being.

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