Author name: Jacqueline Mercedes Munoz

Education I have a Master's degree in Sports Nutrition and Exercise Science from Florida State University and a Bachelor's degree in Human Nutrition from New Mexico State University. Clinical Nutrition; My experience includes working in hospitals with patients suffering from diseases, trauma, and critical care. I am knowledgeable in providing nutrition education for conditions such as diabetes, chronic kidney disease/dialysis, cancer, heart disease, gastrointestinal disorders, enteral nutrition, obesity, and malnutrition. Sports Nutrition; I have worked with athletes as well as collegiate and recreational/weekend warrior athletes. My expertise lies in optimizing nutrition for performance enhancement and recovery. I can provide guidance during post-workout nutrition, supplement usage, macronutrient distribution, and proper hydration. Community Nutrition; In addition to my work, I have also organized community nutrition events. I have collaborated with food banks and local news stations to raise awareness about eating habits. I am experienced in giving engaging lectures to children's groups and geriatric communities on the basics of nutrition and steps, towards maintaining a diet. This package offers a range of services to help you improve your diet and track your progress. It includes a customized 7-day meal plan, an assessment that takes into account your health history, physical activity levels, food preferences, and current dietary habits. You will receive education tailored to your individual needs well as nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. Additionally, you will have messaging support and the option to track your food intake and journal daily. You can continue working with the Dietitian Nutritionist to further enhance your diet and monitor your progress. This ongoing collaboration includes reviewing your progress setting goals celebrating achievements addressing challenges along the way adjusting your personalized care plan when necessary, providing customized meal plans offering education based on individual needs unlimited direct messaging support, for questions or concerns and access, to our private Facebook support group.

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