Author name: Gwendolyn Moore

Gwendolyn Moore is a Registered Dietitian who practices Integrative and Functional Nutrition in her private clinic. She obtained her Master of Public Health degree. Became a certified Registered Dietitian after completing her internship at Kaiser Permanente, Fontana CA Department of Preventive Care & Internal Medicine. Gwendolyn also has experience working as a Research Associate, at UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute (NPI) in Los Angeles, CA. Moreover, she has served as the Director of Food and Nutrition Services at Montclair Hospital. Has been involved as a Preceptor of Dietetic Interns and Clinical Instructor at Loma Linda University within the Department of Nutrition & Dietetics. Additionally, Gwendolyn had the privilege to work as an Adjunct Faculty Member for 15 years at National University. As a member of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics California Association of Nutrition & Dietetics in Orange County and the Dietetics in Integrative & Functional Medicine (DIFM) Practice Group, Gwendolyn's expertise lies in creating nutrition plans that are specifically tailored to each individual's unique needs. She specializes in areas such as health, food sensitivity testing, and soon-to-be Nutritional genomics. This is an exciting development allowing for even more customized nutritional plans based on specific SNPs that are relevant to each person (more information on this will be provided later). The incorporation of genomics, into her practice is truly fascinating since it enables Gwendolyn to provide customized nutrition plans based on each individual's makeup (we will delve deeper into this topic soon). There are a variety of tests related to nutrition that can be used to support weight loss counseling, cleansing, and detoxification as overall preventive care. Feel free to inquire about them. Additionally, Gwendolyn is a chef specializing in food. With, over 20 years of experience, education, and specific expertise Gwendolyn is excited to join you on your journey towards health!

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