Author name: Darya Koropenko

Registered and Licensed Dietitian, Weight Loss Consultant. I have been working in the field of nutrition for over a decade dedicating myself to helping individuals make lifestyle changes while still enjoying food. I strongly believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to health since everyone is unique. My approach involves tailoring eating preferences to each client's needs and teaching them how to maintain habits for life. Additionally, I focus on incorporating your relationship with food and exercise guiding you towards the path you were always meant to follow. When we work together, you're not a "client" or "patient " but my partner in discovering the best version of yourself. As for my background, I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics from Texas Tech University in 2013. Following that I completed an internship in Chicago accumulating over 1500 hours of experience before passing the Registered Dietitian Exam. My passion for nutrition began at an age through cooking. Growing up with a curiosity, about nutrition and fitness. I developed an interest, in exploring the role of nutrition in treating and healing diseases as I delved deeper into the study and function of nutrition. This curiosity led me to become a dietitian, driven by my passion for considering nutrition as both a discipline and an artistic endeavor. Moreover, I have always felt a calling to assist others initially contemplating psychology before choosing nutrition as my path. One of the aspects I truly cherish is witnessing my clients undergo transformations that encompass their minds, bodies, and souls. The experience gained from working as a dietitian in a hospital setting exposed me to the health profiles of individuals. It shaped me into a healthcare professional who prioritizes patients' well-being above all else. It also underscored the significance of building relationships with patients to achieve outcomes. Over time I progressed in my career. Eventually assumed leadership as the director of the nutrition department. This position taught me skills such, as resilience, adaptability, effective planning and execution, and diverse forms of communication. After spending years working within a hospital environment, I decided it was time to embark on my held aspiration; establishing my own private practice focused on nutritional counseling and consulting services. Officially launched in May 2019.

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