Author name: Claire Walsh

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. I specialize in assisting women who are facing challenges with PCOS, irregular menstrual cycles, weight gain, low energy levels/fatigue, acne breakouts, fertility concerns, and mood issues. My main goal is to help these women boost their energy levels restore balance and feel confident in their bodies. Many of my clients have struggled with weight loss in the past. Have tried diets without long-term success. They often experience progress. Eventually reach a plateau where they become frustrated with the lack of results. Additionally, they may have a history of periods or PCOS. To address these concerns effectively I conduct assessments that may include lab tests to identify the underlying causes of these issues. Throughout your journey toward health, I provide support and guidance at every step. My approach involves eating practices and intuitive decision-making based on the Health at Every Size philosophy. This approach aims to help you regain your cycle and manage PCOS symptoms without feeling restricted or deprived. You deserve a healthcare provider who truly listens to your needs validates your experiences and offers realistic plans that lead to lasting positive changes. If this resonates with you and you believe we could be a fit for each other let's schedule a discovery call to explore possibilities together. If it turns out that I cannot address your needs enough on my own I will gladly assist you in finding someone who can provide the support you require. Rest assured that you are already on the path, towards health! Integrative and Functional Medicine Dietitians support women in boosting their energy levels overcoming the guilt associated with food and feeling self-assured about their bodies and dietary decisions.

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