Author name: Ann Swanson

My name is Ann Swanson. I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with over 35 years of experience in the field. Additionally, I hold a certification as a medicine nutrition specialist. My educational background includes a degree in dietetics from Texas Tech University. As a dietitian, my passion lies in helping individuals enhance their well-being through nutrition. I firmly believe that food possesses healing properties and by making choices we can prevent and even reverse various chronic health conditions. My expertise extends to working with clients who face health challenges like diabetes, heart disease, digestive disorders, and food sensitivities. Moreover, I have experience assisting individuals who are seeking weight loss or have undergone surgery. My goal is to help them achieve their desired weight loss outcomes while maintaining long-term wellness. In my practice, I adopt functional medicine principles and leverage nutrigenomics testing to identify and address the causes of my client's health concerns rather than simply treating symptoms. This personalized approach allows me to provide care that encompasses not only their diet but also their overall well-being. If you're interested in learning more about the services I offer or how I can support you on your journey, towards health please don't hesitate to reach out. Together we can work towards enhancing your quality of life. Prepare yourself better for the emotional challenges you face every day. Enhance your appearance. Feel your best. Reduce the risk of developing health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, digestive issues, autoimmune problems, or heart disease. Achieve outcomes with your exercise sports activities by building strength and endurance. Now is the moment to take charge of your health and nutrition. It's an investment that brings benefits. Ensuring nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management are all elements of a healthy lifestyle. Though everyone requires nutrients the amounts may vary from person to person. While a single decision might seem insignificant at a glance when repeated over time it can have an impact on your life. This impact can be positive or negative—you have the power to make a difference. Take action now to maintain health. The DNA analysis provided by New Way Nutrition can assist in preventing health issues. Individuals who discover that their food choices are linked to health problems due to variations often show increased interest in and compliance, with DNA-based dietary advice. If you're already, at a weight but finding it increasingly challenging to maintain it might be worth considering a metabolic assessment. Various factors can influence your calorie needs. It can become difficult to determine them over time. The calories that are used to keep your weight stable may not be sufficient today. Understanding your body composition and the precise number of calories you require can play a role in preventing weight gain. Your approach to eating should bring you joy and satisfaction. You can enjoy a range of delicious foods in any situation or stage of life. Developing a relationship with food is important. Whether through group sessions I offer consultations tailored to your specific needs. This includes adult weight management, and nutrition therapy for conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal disorders, and cancers. I also provide guidance on operative nutrition, for bariatric surgery patients. Additionally, I offer genetic testing services to explore how your DNA interacts with diet choices. As part of my services, I conduct metabolic assessments to determine the number of calories your body burns each day. Furthermore, I analyze content based on your food records, menus, or recipes. All my recommendations are personalized according to your circumstances. When you consult with me rest assured that I don't believe in one size fits all diet advice. Instead, I want to understand where you currently stand in terms of health and where you aim to be. Once I have gathered information, about your history, dietary preferences, and exercise routines we can work together to establish goals and prioritize them accordingly. In our meetings, our main focus will be on maintaining your progress and monitoring your health. My role also involves assisting individuals in managing conditions. If you happen to have cholesterol, high blood pressure, or diabetes I will provide you with an understanding of your condition and offer educational resources on the nutrients that influence it. Moreover, I specialize in designing weight loss programs that truly yield results. By collaborating with you we can create an effective nutritional plan tailored to your needs following any surgical procedures. To keep you motivated and on track I employ strategies such as meal planning assistance guidance with grocery shopping choices support for food journaling practices as well, as promoting mindful eating habits.

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