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Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness is our Mission

Having dedicated myself earnestly to the field of nutrition, I can confidently affirm that my journey thus far has been exceptionally enlightening. The profound impact brought about by selecting appropriate nourishment and supplements leaves an indelible impression – leading not only to physical transformations but also a remarkable sense of well-being.

Observing clients undergo significant life changes by embracing minor modifications to their dietary patterns has been profoundly humbling. Appreciating that success in nutrition doesn’t rely solely on following fleeting diet trends or chasing after fashionable superfoods but instead emphasizes the importance of uncovering an individualized approach aligned with one’s body and lifestyle has been a significant takeaway from my experiences as a nutritionist.

Without a doubt or hesitation, I hold strong convictions regarding expertise functioning as an essential foundation for any successful collective effort. Especially in realms concerning healthcare and overall well-being, having proficient professionals at one’s disposal can truly prove instrumental in achieving optimal results.

Consequently, our highly capable team boasts an intricate comprehension of every nuance associated with human physiology – efficaciously decoding how nuanced variables like dietary intake choices alongside workout routines significantly shape subsequent health outcomes.

With unparalleled qualifications in the fields of nutrition accompanied by overall wellness guidance underpinning our approach, we are poised to make astute, tailored recommendations that holistically address the unique concerns of each client.

Furthermore, our resolute dedication to remaining abreast with all burgeoning research undertakings and contemporaneous trends in our areas of expertise ensures that we consistently deliver unrivaled standards of care.

The significance of being considered an authoritative voice within our field cannot be overstated. As nutrition is an ever-evolving subject matter. Staying up to date on current research findings and emerging trends remains imperative for offering valuable advice to my clientele.

Establishing recognition as a knowledgeable expert engenders trust among those who seek my guidance and affords me the opportunity to make a profound impact on their overall health and well-being. In order to uphold this sense of authority I consistently challenge myself by surpassing my limits learning from past errors and collaborating with other esteemed professionals in the same domain.

Obtaining suitable credentials or accumulating experience alone is insufficient; continuous improvement coupled with professional advancement is the key.

We are fully cognizant of the pivotal role played by establishing trust within my esteemed client base. Pertaining to matters pertaining to health and wellness, individuals long for certified knowledge purveyed by an able nutritionist–knowledge that is both truthful and precise without reservation.

Thus, instilling unwavering faithfulness should always rank as an overriding priority among those partaking in nutritional endeavors alike. Regardless if we engage in conversations encompassing advantageous attributes conferred by selective supplements or endeavor to educate about lurking risks connected to certain types of nourishment – Our enthused clientele ought to remain unwavering in their conviction toward heeding our well-informed advisement.

By duly prioritizing trustworthiness, we can cement and foster solid relationships within our esteemed client base whilst empowering them to confidently stride towards their health-related aspirations, reassured and pacified.

Our Promise to You

By providing reliable information on balanced nutrition and achievable weight loss strategies that promote overall wellbeing. HerWeightLoss.com has become the go-to resource for individuals striving towards optimal health.

To enable individuals in their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle we aim to provide them with comprehensive resources and services. Our objective is making positive changes available universally with the aid of our experienced nutrition advocate’s team who have been in this field for many years. We aspire towards helping individuals achieve longevity and happiness.

With an unwavering commitment to helping you achieve optimal health through tailored expert advice and actionable solutions complemented by ongoing personalized support at every stage of your journey HerWeightLoss.com aims to be your lifelong partner.

Welcome! We are glad you are visiting our website. Our dedicated team is based across multiple states throughout the United States. We aim towards supporting individuals in cultivating sustainable eating habits that resonate with individual needs and situations best suited specifically for them.

Dietary intake plays such an immense role in promoting good health and well-being which is why we empower our readers to create nourishing meals without feeling deprived. Our vision is to make healthy eating a fulfilling and more joyful experience for everyone.

Our well-versed experts are specialized in nutrition and use food as a means of disease prevention and treatment. Becoming a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist RDN means completing courses related to nutrition or similar fields. Undertaking accredited internship training. Passing necessary examinations all while maintaining ongoing education credits.

Our Team’s personalized plans are always based on scientifically backed information meant for individuals or groups seeking better overall health or support when managing chronic complications like heart disease, diabetes, or obesity.

Each of our members provides different perspectives toward nutritional counseling. Our primary focus ensures your success in achieving maximum wellness regardless of specific circumstances you may undergo. If you are looking to lose weight, manage a chronic condition, or improve your overall diet, rest assured our knowledgeable team has the tools and expertise required for success!

Our services aim to assist individuals in reaching their nutritional goals by offering customized meal plans tailor-made group workshops and one on one sessions. In addition to these services, we endeavor to avail essential resources at no cost such as informative articles containing valuable tips on wholesome nutritional choices and recipes; all contribute significantly toward your path towards optimal health.

At our nutrition coaching firm, we strive to make healthy eating a pleasant, accessible, and sustainable experience for everyone. Our approach focuses on tailoring personalized and flexible meal plans that cater to an individual’s specific needs and preferences.

We encourage our readers to experiment with simple and wholesome ingredients in the kitchen to create meals that they look forward to consuming. In addition, we believe in the power of mindful eating- listening to body cues like hunger or fullness while savoring flavors without feeling guilty or deprived. If you’re looking to establish healthier eating habits.

We invite you to explore our website and get familiarized with our experienced team of registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs). We believe that with proper guidance and support from certified professionals, sustainable eating habits can be achieved by anyone.

Our team is dedicated to helping individuals realize their nutrition aspirations by providing evidence-based counseling and companionable encouragement. As advocates of enjoyable healthy eating, we strive towards empowering individuals to create nourishing meals tailored towards their unique needs and preferences. Get started on your journey towards better health by exploring our website today!

Meet the team.

Parker Dixon COO HerWeightLoss.com

Parker Dixon’s passion for helping others extends especially to the realm of health and wellness making her an inspiring entrepreneur. She dedicates herself fully as the COO of HerWeightLoss.com to providing invaluable resources and guidance for women pursuing their fitness aspirations.

Empathizing with those who struggle to make healthy lifestyle changes, she believes everyone deserves access to education and support. Creating an environment that encourages achievement for those attempting to lose weight necessitates

Parker’s comprehensive grasp of their struggles and her commitment to providing aid. The combination of ambition and relentless commitment has made her an esteemed figure in the online health industry.

As we continue to grow our team, we are proud to announce the acquisition of several online nutrition websites. Our new partnership brings years of knowledge and expertise to our group. The purpose of our expansion is to deliver the best information to our readers covering all issues in regard to nutrition, healthy eating, and maintaining a weight that is best for you.

The following websites are now a part of our family:




We look forward to a great future ahead.

Parker Dixon COO HerWeightLoss.com

Heather Quin Recipe Editor

Heather Quin is an enthusiastic foodie and creative recipe creator. She loves experimenting with innovative ingredients and flavors to make delicious dishes that delight the senses.

With her boundless energy and attention to detail, Heather excels in integrating traditional cooking methods with modern influences. Whether it’s a breakfast scramble or a full-course dinner, she always puts her own unique spin on each dish, resulting in flavors that excite and inspire.

Her passion for food knows no bounds – so whether you’re looking for a quick snack or full course meal, Heather Quin has the perfect recipe for every occasion!

Amber Smith Content Editor

Amber Smith’s gift for selecting perfect wording makes her an unparalleled content editor. Creating engaging content is her eagerness with a passion for writing and editing while having an eye for detail.

With a deep understanding of grammar rules coupled with an acute sense of effective storytelling practices, Amber is able to rapidly detect any shortcomings or areas requiring enhancement when reviewing content. Any writing or editorial team would benefit greatly from having someone as dedicated and committed to excellence as she is.

Edgar Winthorpe Nutrition Editor

As a passionate advocate of health and wellness, Edgar Winthorpe is an ambitious and highly motivated nutritionist.

His specialty lies in guiding his clients toward informed decisions concerning their diet and lifestyle habits. Customized meal plans that enhance overall wellness are developed by Edgar using evidence-based research.

From bodybuilders striving for more muscle mass to elderly individuals aiming for an active life—Edgar’s nutritional guidance has been indispensable. His constant vigilance for innovative methods and techniques keeps him at the cutting edge of nutritional science.

Ella Hernandez Diet and Nutrition Editor

Ella Hernandez is a passionate and knowledgeable nutritionist who helps her clients develop healthy, sustainable habits. She is committed to providing individualized guidance tailored to each person’s unique dietary needs.

Her enthusiasm for healthful eating and her expertise in the science of food make Ella an invaluable asset in helping her clients achieve their wellness goals. She takes a holistic approach to nutrition, utilizing creative strategies to help inspire positive lifestyle changes in a supportive atmosphere.

Ella’s dedication to educating herself on the ever-changing field of nutrition makes her an inspiring force among her peers and an incredible resource for anyone seeking optimal health.

Sara Jennings Diet Counselor

With a passion for healthy living, Sara Jennings is an exceptional dietitian. Many people have been influenced by her dynamic approach toward nutrition which motivates them towards making positive lifestyle choices while enjoying nutritious food.

Sara develops tailored dietary plans for clients by utilizing her extensive knowledge of clinical nutrition. With the aim of making healthy eating both accessible and enjoyable for all through a balanced approach emphasizing moderation being her belief.

An invaluable asset in the world of nutrition is her ability to empower people with innovative advice and guidance.

Meagan Hines Nutrition Consulatant

Megan Hines is an enthusiastic and passionate nutritional counselor dedicated to helping people build healthier lifestyles through nutrition education. She has a deep knowledge of nutrition science, as well as a genuine desire to help others make lasting improvements in their lives.

With a friendly, outgoing demeanor and an unwavering commitment to providing the best possible counsel, Megan is highly regarded in her field and strives to provide evidence-based advice coupled with compassion for her clients. Her enthusiasm for health and wellness makes her a trusted resource for anyone looking to create new habits that bring healthy results.

Lori Devin Weight Loss Content Editor

By being both right-thinking and insightful Lori Devin provides compassionate support to help her clients reach their weight loss goals. Offering solutions that are uniquely designed to meet the needs of every individual client is just one way this seasoned industry veteran demonstrates her commitment to excellence.

Lori’s systematic approach entails in-depth analysis coupled with leveraging her vast knowledge base to deliver pragmatic guidance and efficient tactics aimed at achieving sustainable transformation.

Lori has the ability to inspire confidence through her warm but assertive attitude which encourages individuals she works with to become owners of their personal successes.

Brenda Rollins Recipe Editor

Brenda Rollins is a passionate and creative recipe editor with undeniable expertise in the culinary industry. With a remarkable track record developed over eight years of hard work, she brings an incredible wealth of knowledge to the table.

Her recipes are truly inspired and have been praised for their innovation and deliciousness. She is the epitome of perfectionism, devoted to delivering nothing short of the best for her readers. Embodying ambition, determination, and creativity, Brenda’s contribution to the culinary world is noteworthy and highly appreciated.

Tasha Dillon Content Research

As a highly motivated professional in Content Research Tasha Dillon boasts an impressive track record of success. Her priority lies in ensuring accurate and efficient work that produces outstanding outcomes for all of her clients.

With a creative approach to solving problems coupled with an ability to understand customers’ needs well enough, she can offer innovative solutions which drive growth while providing an excellent experience. Her exceptional performance at work can be credited solely to Tasha’s driven and passionate nature which makes it easy for teams working with her.

Sonya Gilbert Healthy Recipe Creator

Sonya Gilbert is an experienced recipe writer who has been cooking and crafting recipes for over 15 years. She has a knack for combining unique ingredients to create delicious dishes that the whole family can enjoy.

With a flair for flavors from around the world, Sonya is able to tantalize taste buds with her inventive creations. Her enthusiasm for cooking is contagious, as she loves to share her knowledge and recipes with others.

A professional in the kitchen, Sonya crafts creative and complex recipes that not only delight the tastebuds but look great on the plate. If you’re looking for new dishes to try at home, Sonya’s recipes are sure to strike your fancy!

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We love to showcase Registered Dietitians, Culinary & Wellness Consultants, and Registered Dietitian Nutritionists.

Mary-Lauren Shelton Vise

Nutritionist/Dietitian, RDN, LD, CEDS


License: Texas / DT85061

School: University of Kentucky

Board Certification: Certified Eating Disorders Specialist

Additional Credentials

Certificate: CDR / 86061347

Certificate Date: 2017

Certificate: International Association of Eating Disorders Professional / CEDS

Certificate Date: 2021





Girlene Coughlin

Registered Dietitian



Rutgers University

Lauren O’Connor, MS, RDN, RYT

Registered Dietitian

About – The Healing GERD Dietitian (nutrisavvyhealth.com)

Masters in Nutritional Sciences from California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA)





Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian

Lauren Elizabeth MS, RD, LD, IFNCP » LE-Nutrition LLC

MS Nutrition & Dietetic Internship ~ Abilene Christian University

(31) Lauren McCarthy, MS, RD, LD, IFNCP | LinkedIn

Pam Mathis

Dietitian/Nutritionist and Certified Wellness Coach

Meet Pam | Sarasota Nutritionist, Dietitian & Coach Pam Mathis (nutritioncoachpam.com)

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

(31) Pam Mathis | LinkedIn

NutritionCoach Pam – Home | Facebook

Chelsea Pambianco

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer

Team 1 — Mind Your Own Nutrition

California State University, Los Angeles


Mind Your Own Nutrition (@mindyourownnutrition) • Instagram photos and videos

Ann Swanson RDN, LD ,FMNS

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

About Me – New Way Nutrition

Texas Tech University



Jessica Stamm, RDN

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Nutrition Counseling

Healthy Medium Nutrition

California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo


Healthy Medium Nutrition | Facebook

Jessica Stamm, RDN (@healthy.medium.nutrition) • Instagram photos and videos

Emily Copeland, MPH, RD

Registered Dietitian & Health Coach at Michigan Medicine

ActivEnergy Nutrition

University of Michigan

(31) Emily Copeland, MPH, RD | LinkedIn

ActivEnergy Nutrition (@activenergy_nutrition) on Instagram

Lauren Minchen

Registered Dietitian 

About Lauren | mysite (laurenminchen.com)

CUNY Graduate School of Public Health & Health Policy


Lauren Minchen Nutrition | New York NY | Facebook

Claire Walsh MS, RDN, LD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

About — Clarified Nutrition

University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City KS

(31) Claire Walsh MS, RDN, LD | LinkedIn

Claire✨PCOS.Hormone.Gut Health (@clarifiednutrition) • Instagram photos and videos

Jacqueline Mercedes Munoz, RD LDN

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

A Traveling Dietitian – Nutrition, Nutritionist, Dietitian, Nutrition

Master’s in Sports Nutrition/Exercise Science from Florida State University

Bachelor’s in Human Nutrition from New Mexico State University

(31) A Traveling Dietitian: About | LinkedIn

A Traveling Dietitian | Facebook

Jackie Munoz, MS, RD, LDN (@atravelingdietitian) • Instagram photos and videos

Elissa R. Lueckemeyer RDN, L

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

About – Food 4 Success, LLC

Texas State University


Food 4 Success, LLC | New Braunfels TX | Facebook

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